Hopton is named after the charming village of Upper Hopton where it was founded, sitting in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside close to the inspirational Yorkshire Sculpture Park, picturesque Last of the Summer Wine country and the striking iconic Emely Moor mast, owned and run by Jean Outhwaite, the company began producing beautiful all natural hand poured candles in the spring of 2015.

Hopton’s unique home fragrance collections are appreciated around the world for their classic luxurious design, quality craftsmanship, the use of pure natural ingredients and sustainable packaging is at the heart of everything we do.

The Hopton collections include home fragrances built on the inspiration of nature, harnessing the finest natural ingredients. Luxurious and visually beautiful we lovingly handcraft every item in our Yorkshire studio, all made in small batches we ensure you are getting something that’s truly extra special.

Jean founded the company and learned her candle making skills in the UK and perfumery skills in France where she was taught the intricacies of creating perfume blends, with her passion for mixing essential oils, botanicals and wax were something which she naturally understood and loved.

Bringing these secret fragrance recipes together she used them to produce fine candles that proved more popular than she herself could ever have imagined!

This was the beginning of Hopton…

Hopton is very proud that all our products are created using only natural ingredients the best that the earth has to offer. It goes without saying that we do not support animal testing of any kind, and all the products in the collections are refreshingly paraben, SLS, petrochemical and paraffin free.